Star Wars Battlefront II gets a new squad system tomorrow

Players can spawn next to their squad

It wasn’t the most eye-catching bullet point on the current Star Wars Battlefront II roadmap, but the overhauled squad system will have an immediate impact on the pace and flow of matches. It grows so tiresome running to a far-off objective only to be unceremoniously wiped out along the way.

With tomorrow’s update, players will be able to spawn right alongside their squadmates in select modes like Galactic Assault and Strike. There are bound to be growing pains and balance changes, but the teamwork-oriented feature has been such a long time coming. Additionally, the patch will “[improve] screen flow for quicker spawning in all modes where Squad Spawn is not present.”

Trooper skins styled after the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps and 104th Wolfpack Battalion are also popping up. Along with hero balancing and bug fixes, the September 25 update includes:

  • More dynamic change of characters shown on the Home and Career screens, due to implementation of backend ability to change those in a live environment.
  • Implemented various stability fixes for the End of Round (EOR) Matchmaking.
  • Improved the way the game client looks for an online game, by adding an automated Default option for the best Ping site, as well as simplifying the choice of sites in the menu.

Next up, Battlefront II is planning to add General Grievous in October.

Community Transmission – Squad System Update & Release Notes [Star Wars Battlefront]

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