Star Wars Battlefront has a surprisingly small file size

Comparatively speaking, of course

In a sea of 40 and 50GB game installs, Star Wars Battlefront flies under the radar. It defies what we’ve come to expect from a triple-A title. I bet the other games think it’s a traitor and call it Rebel Scum.

According to the EA Star Wars Twitter account, Battlefront is at its tiniest on Xbox One (19GB) and at its largest on PC (27GB); PS4 weighs in at 23GB. Regardless of platform, that’s about half the size of a lot of current-gen games. The October beta was a 7GB download on consoles and 11GB on PC.

The reason Battlefront runs small compared to its peers might have a lot to do with the fact that it’s multiplayer only. Or, perhaps it’s very well optimized. Whatever the case, it won’t make you hard drive scream quite the way some other recent high-profile games do.

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Brett Makedonski
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