Standalone Kinect power supply now available

If you bought Kinect as part of the Xbox 360 S console bundle last week, you’ll notice that your brand new bit of living room clutter is lacking its own power supply, which apparently is a big deal to some people (even though it’s not a big deal). Don’t worry though — Microsoft’s got you covered with a separate power supply cable!

Frankly, I don’t know who this is for, unless you like to cart your Kinect around town without an Xbox 360 for some reason. If you are that kind of freak, then this cord will set you back $34.99 on Microsoft’s online store. Be aware that the non-bundled Kinect already has its own power supply, and the bundled one doesn’t need it. 

This is great news for anybody who wants to spend a ludicrous amount of money for a cable that has very little applicable use. 

Kinect standalone power supply now available from Microsoft [Joystiq]

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