Squeak! Spy Mouse is Firemint’s latest for iOS

Australian developer Firemint’s next iOS title, Spy Mouse, looks adorable. I mean, it’s got a mouse wearing a bow tie; I could just die here.

Said “mouse wearing a bow tie” is Agent Squeak, whose spy directives appear to mostly be “avoid cats,” “get cheese,” and “be cute.” In this trailer for the mobile game, he seems to be doing a fairly good job. Spy Mouse will feature 72 challenges, and what appears to be six different worlds. Also, at least one big ass feline.

It’s out this summer, which likely means within the next few weeks, since these wistful days of summer are quickly fading. Firemint hasn’t really done wrong on iOS yet, with both Flight Control and Real Racing being solid titles. This looks like a bit of a departure for them, but… it’s a mouse wearing a bow tie!

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