Square Enix wants Western fans, doesn’t want an FPS

Square Enix has recently set itself up in LA and is hoping to win itself more Western fans. However, the Final Fantasy publisher has no intention on copying typical Western games full of guns and blood, claiming instead that there’s “no point” in making an FPS.

“Square Enix isn’t necessarily shifting, it’s more of a growth,” explains game development manager Fumi Shiraishi. “The stuff [games created by Square Enix in Japan] does what it is supposed to do…but the Japanese market isn’t growing.”

Shiraishi describes the LA studio’s current project as “a different approach entirely,” not willing to compare it to The Last Remnant, which was an RPG designed to appeal to Western gamers. “We’re not deliberately focusing on the North American audience,” he clarifies. “We’re just trying to make a good game.

“… We’re not trying to make a game with a Western looking main character and with blood and gore. The developers at Square Enix aren’t afraid to try new ideas. There is no point in making another FPS. Out task is different.”

I’ve been feeling very burnt out on Japanese RPGs and, indeed, Japanese development as a whole lately. I hope Square Enix finds something different that works. What I don’t hope is that we end up with another Drakengard.

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