Square Enix says that the team isn’t drastically changing the Crisis Core remaster story

Crisis Core remake story

I’m sure people will hold them to it!

With the Final Fantasy VII Remake changes out in the universe, the Crisis Core remaster story was potentially in danger, as it were — but according to a new IGN interview with Square Enix leadership, that seemingly will not be a concern.

Producer Mariko Sato confirms that the Crisis Core re-release wasn’t a direct answer to the Remake storyline, and that it’s more of an unrelated meta effort to bring back the Final Fantasy VII universe as a whole. Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase elaborates: “I do recall that it was towards the end of the Final Fantasy VII Remake development that we realized that with the quality we were able to bring to Final Fantasy VII Remake, we might be able to create something for the stories that are actually surrounding Final Fantasy VII. And it is an actual possibility that we can develop Crisis Core. So that’s the timing at which we decided that yes, this remake can actually happen.”

Kitase reiterates that unlike the Remake proper, they aren’t changing anything big in Crisis Core: “It is a remaster and it’s still positioned as a story that expands on the original Final Fantasy VII story. And so we didn’t want to stray too far from that.” Major story changes are seemingly off the table according to this context, though IGN hints ominously that a post-credits sequence linking this game and the Final Fantasy VII Remake-verse is still possible.

Square Enix also confirms that the roulette system will be intact, but you’ll be able to directly link combos and limit breaks with more player control. The PC port is also confirmed for 120 FPS, and the PS5 and Xbox Series X editions are 60 FPS (the Switch version stats were left out of the statement outside of saying there would be “differences” between the versions).

I mean, I’d be fine if they changed the story, as long as it was quality! A re-release is a much more malleable work of art after all. But this is probably for the best.

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