Square Enix makes lots of new toys, sells them

If you love toys, floppy-haired boy heroes and Resident Evil, then you’re in for some good news. Square Enix has revealed a new range of figures, including a reinvigorated Play Arts line that includes more attention to detail and articulation than ever before. The first figures to get such quality treatment have nothing to do with Sephiroth for once — they’ll be Sheva and Chris from Resident Evil 5.

Joining RE5‘s racist heroes will be some new Final Fantasy Master Creatures. The five new figures include Terra in her Magitek Armor from Final Fantasy VI, as well as Bahamut Sin from Advent Children, the Brothers from VIII, Valefor from X and Death Seraph from XII

As if that wasn’t enough, there are a bunch of new Trading Arts figures as well, and yes, these ones are Sephiroth related. Everyone’s favorite white-haired girl-man is there, and he’s joined by Yuffie, Zidane and Vivi. I literally only care about getting my hands on the Vivi one. Only a dickhead could not love Vivi. 

If you want anything, head over to the Square Enix site now. Otherwise, sod right off.

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