Square Enix made a mask for Ignis’ birthday and you can make one, too

Sure, why not?

In celebration of Ignis Scientia’s birthday on February 7, Square Enix is honoring our favorite excitable chef and arguable Best Boy with a paper mask that Final Fantasy XV fans can make themselves.

This silly thing wound up in our staff Slack channel with a “maybe that’s a post” shrug. Those are some of my favorite stories to take on (if you can even really call them that), so I was happy to oblige.

I was thinking of making one of these masks, but as I was going to print it out, I accidentally gazed into Ignis’ soul-piercing eyes for too long and forgot what I was doing. Once I came to my senses, I remembered how truly awful I am at cutting paper. Wouldn’t want to butcher his exquisite spiked hair.

Final Fantasy XV [Twitter]

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