Square Enix hates Nintendo’s prehistoric online friend code system too

Looks like another developer has stepped forward and grumbled about Nintendo’s gimped online service, more specifically its moronic friend code system. Square Enix doesn’t want it, and guess what, neither do most of us, if not all. From Cubed via GameLife:

Square Enix vice president Hiromichi Tanaka talked to Euro website Cubed3, and in a (highly paraphrased) transcript of the chat, he revealed that although there are no plans to bring Final Fantasy XI Online (above) to the Wii, they are working on trying to get Nintendo to ease up on the whole stupid Friend Codes thing. Great. Ostensibly, Friend Codes keep kids safe from child predators; in reality they just make me not want to use my Wii.

In other Squenix news, the Mana series is lookin’ like the Titanic:

As for seeing Chrono Trigger return in any form, it would come down to working out copyright details between the various members of the original team (most of which are no longer staff at Square Enix) … Despite previously working on Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3 for the SNES due to his desire to work on a game with a more real-time approach … Koichi Ishii [is] taking the series down a different path for the World of Mana project … Tanaka-san does not believe either SNES game will see a remake / port in the near future.

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