Square Enix announcing new console RPG that ‘isn’t a remake’

Is it Final Fantasy XII HD???

Square Enix was quiet this year. It’s been all publishing and Final Fantasy milking. A Realm Reborn supposedly became something worth playing,  Final Fantasy X, X-2 HD came out, random crap like the Final Fantasy VII motorcycle minigame and Final Fantasy Explorers happened, early Final Fantasy XV test footage let us take a nature hike and bro’d trip. Really hard to textually combine “bro” and “road trip” without it looking like “broad.”

Anyways. A Famitsu leak (via CS Blog by way of Kotaku) has Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda quoted as saying, “Actually, right now, we are readying a new role-playing game for home consoles that isn’t a remake, In December, we’ll start with making an announcement.”

There will also be other games announced, which is a less exciting prospect. “To avoid misunderstanding, among the forthcoming titles that do not include the home consoles, there are also various games bound for smartphones and PC,” Matsuda explained. “There are titles studios outside Japan are developing, too. 

“Starting early next year, I think we’ll be announcing various types of titles, But at this stage, we cannot say which will be for home consoles or portables.”

Report: Square Enix Is Making a New, Unannounced RPG for Consoles [Kotaku]

Steven Hansen