Spore screens show off space and civilization gameplay

EA recently slapped down some new screenshots from Spore that reveal a tiny bit of what users will be doing during the civilization and space phases of the game. Other than looking pretty, I think the civilization screenshots are quite revealing. The apparent depth of Spore continually surprises me.

If you didn’t know, the game is broken apart by five distinct phases. The screenshots that we have detail the fourth (civilization) and fifth (space) stages of the game. The civilization phase is all about converting your tribal unit into a full-blown city and then spreading your influence throughout the game world, much like Sid Meier’s Civilization. That means that superweapons, missionary work, and even economic influences can be utilized to make zealots of rival civilizations standing in your way.

The game closes with the space stage, and it is began by advancing your civilization technology to the point by which interstellar travel can be initiated. From here, it’s all about terraforming, discovery, and negotiating through the game’s 500,000 planets.

It looks wildly complicated, but I believe I’m ready for the challenge. To know that my phallic monsters will have the ability to not only spread their religion locally and throughout the universe is exciting. If only they could negotiate an alternate dimension, Mr. Wright.

Brad BradNicholson