Spoiler alert: Finishing PixelJunk Eden yields cool and fancy surprise

If you’re a PlayStation 3 owner and you haven’t picked up Q-Games’ spectacular PixelJunk Eden, shame on you. If our recent review didn’t do it for you (our two-person review netted a two 9 out of 10 scores), then let me be clear: buy PixelJunk Eden you fool.

The game already features a spectacular original soundtrack, one that pulses and flows nicely with the gameplay. But from the jump, the game doesn’t support custom soundtracks. (Spoiler alert) Completing the game, however, does open up that option, as you can see in the above video. (End spoiler alert) 

I’ve been playing the game off and on cooperatively with my wife since release, but I know that hours can be lost trying to collect “just one more” Spectra. Has anyone else gotten to this point in PixelJunk Eden and could you tell me where on Earth you find the time for such a thing?

[Via PlayStation Lifestyle]

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