Splatoon Splatfest trailer really doesn’t explain what Splatfest is

You’re bread now, you’re rice now

Nintendo of Japan has released a trailer for its upcoming Splatfest event for Splatoon. I’ve never played Splatoon, and all I know is I’m going to slap the next person who says they’re a kid and/or a squid. But hey, let’s watch this trailer and just pretend I know what the hell is happening in it.

Nintendo Insider explains that Splatfest will be a one-day event run in all three regions where two teams face off against each other: in Japan, Team Rice will fight Team Bread but in North America and Europe Team Rock will take on Team Pop, where I assume Fall Out Boy will be caught in the crossfire and plastered with everyone’s goo. The winning team of each event will win prizes to help upgrade their character.

The first Splatfest well be held for Japan on Saturday June 13, with the NA and EU event being held on June 27.

Splatoon’s first Splatfest inkstrikes Japan this week [Nintendo Insider]

Joe Parlock