Splatoon has an official lint roller, ya filthy animals

So fresh and so clean, clean

Some of you know this, but I have a cat. And boy, what a cat he is.

As such, I am perpetually covered in lint. Look at that luxurious hair. Sure, if I’m wearing black, it’s doubly apparent, but I have lily white bath towels equally covered with fuzz. I live with it, though. I’m an about-video-games writer online; I don’t need to look nice, mostly, nor do I need lint rollers. That particular, pricey luxury of the bourgeois is tantamount to class warfare.

But if you do need your lint sufficiently rolled, like Katamari quality, please check out this official Splatoon lint roller, by way of Kotaku.

『Splatoon(スプラトゥーン)』“スプラローラ―”を再現したクリーナーと投げたり握ったりするとインクのように広がるイカ型マスコットがクレーンゲーム専用プライズとして登場 [Famitsu]

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