Get your groove on with this funky-punky Splatoon 3 ‘choon

splatoon 3 front roe music sea me now

Punk’s Not Red… or green, or pink, or…

As Squid Kids will be fully aware, the unique, bubblegum score of the Splatoon series is an important and distinct part of the online arena shooter series. This weekend, Nintendo dropped a funky-fresh sample from the upcoming Splatoon 3, giving us a sneak peek at the apocalyptic sequel’s vibe.

As performed by in-universe garage band Front Roe, “Sea Me Now” is perhaps a little more Orange County than we are used to hearing from the sticky-icky world of Inkopolis. The new track has a distinct pop-punk sound which reflects the chaotic, graffiti-filled hues of a landscape wherein all of the rules have been abandoned. Don’t worry, the utterly bizarre vocal style remains, weirder than ever.

Featuring a rockier vibe than Splatoon 2‘s more Hip-Hop oriented themes, it seems as if Splatoon 3 will feature a brand new sound accompanying its brand new look. Clearly, the new sequel will be going for a somewhat more anarchic vibe than its predecessors, (as anarchic as post-’00s pop-punk will allow, at any rate). This is all well and good, but I still wanna see my gals Pearl & Marina somewhere in the mix. I’m sure they’ll be making a welcome cameo appearance at some point.

Splatoon 3 launches September 9 on Nintendo Switch.

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