Splatoon 3 just got a huge 1.2.0 patch with fixes and more amiibo support

Splatoon 3 1.2.0

The upcoming amiibo trio are now implemented

Splatoon 3 version 1.2.0 Nintendo Support: How to Update Splatoon 3, and it’s a big one: one of the biggest patches in Splatoon history, actually.

There’s a few aspects of this patch that we can break down individually.

More amiibo support

For one, amiibo support is in for the Inkling (Yellow), Octoling (Blue) and Smallfry figures. Those will arrive in several weeks, on November 11.

Faster data transfer

Here’s a quick rundown of how Nintendo is summing up the new data transfer improvements:

On average, data will be transferred about 0.5 seconds more quickly than before. Users can expect to see a reduction in time it takes from a player being dealt damage to them being defeated, the time it takes from touching a golden egg to actually picking it up, and other similar actions.

Tons of fixes

The biggest part of theĀ Splatoon 3 1.2.0 patch is fixes! And tons of them! There’s over 100 in tow, including alterations to multiplayer and story mode.

While not strictly limited to the fixes portion of the patch notes, the team also “improved the efficiency of matchmaking” for anarchy battles (open and series), as well as splatfest battles (open) and tricolor attack. Simply put, this should theoretically lead to “shorter wait times.”

What’s in store for the future?

Nintendo says that “the next update,” which is slated for “the season beginning in December,” will usher in weapon balance changes, as well as more meaningful changes to the Splatfest Tricolor Attack mode. It will be released “at the end of the current season.”

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