Nintendo Splatoon 3 Harvestella

Nintendo will be streaming Splatoon 3 and Harvestella this week

The latter will have “world-first gameplay”

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Another week, another lack of a big Nintendo Direct proper stream — but Nintendo is keeping the train rolling with a Treehouse Live segment, which will air on August 26 at 12:30PM ET. Let’s take a look at what the Nintendo Splatoon 3 Harvestella stream entails.

Splatoon 3 stream

This is going to be the main event, and will actually feature two different Splatoon 3 segments. The first is a “deep-drive into the all new single-player mode,” which will hopefully give us a good look at some of the level designs for the campaign. While multiplayer is typically the focus for Splatoon games, there’s a lot of potential with campaigns, and I’m anxious to see if this levels-up things at all.

The next part of the Splatoon 3 stream is “stages and strategies for the Splatfest World Premiere demo.” This one is more self-explanatory, and will of course deal with multiplayer mechanics for the Splatfest demo set to debut on August 27.

Harvestella stream

Finally, and it’s vague at the moment, but we’re getting a “world-first gameplay” stream for Harvestella. People seem really stoked on this one, and although splitting streams between different games is always a gamble, I’m willing to bet a lot of people will tune in (either during or afterward with the VOD) for a look at this one.

When the stream airs, you’ll be able to find it here.

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