Spider-Man is the only one who understands what’s happening in this WoS trailer

I have to say, when I first caught wind of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows I was unexpectedly surprised by how interesting the game’s combat looked. Not content with simply throwing a few punch-punch-punch-ranged web attack combos, the Spider-Man in this game was shown moving from ground, to building, to aerial combat with extreme fluidity and grace. In short, it looked really awesome and made me want to try the game out right then and there.

Unfortunately, due to the whole “not being done yet” thing I’m forced to wait it out until Web of Shadows releases for everything that you can play videogames on this fall. Oh well, at least there are nice looking videos like the one above releasing regularly to tide me over until then. And hey, was that a symbiotic-infected Wolverine there at the end? Nice.

Justin Villasenor