Spelunky’s creator has ideas for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Back to the Sewers

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It’s great to see more an more successful game developers openly share their fan art with us. Snakepixel’s concept for a new edition of Wario Land, Konjak’s plans for a new Daisy game, Secret Base’s aspirations for an officially licensed Avengers beat ’em up, and now Derek Yu’s dreams of a NES-era Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles titles are all equal parts delightful pipe dreams and legitimately great ideas.

After spotting this art on Twitter, I asked Derek what he’s actually do with the TMNT property if he were able to make an NES game with it. He told me he’d make a “…top-down stealth game that switches between city and sewers, changes to free-scrolling beat ’em up when you enter a mission. Regular missions are randomly-generated, special missions are unlocked when you win enough territory back from the Foot Clan. Getting spotted too many times in the top-down part will force you back to the sewer for a time and let the Foot gain territory. And some kind of sewer skateboarding mini-game like the special stages in (seen below).”

I hope that whoever owns the game rights to the Turtles is reading this. You’re sitting on a goldmine here.

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