Iconoclasts creator imagines a Daisy focused 2D action game


'Rosalina can piss off'

My first waking thought this morning was "What if the next Wii U Mario game stars Peach, Daisy, Rosalina and Toadette as they battle giant sentient broccoli people who reluctantly eat children because they are nutritious?" The idea was clearly inspired by my brain's partial submersion into dream land, but there is some foundations of reality behind it.

Nintendo has made a point to focus on playable women characters in their Wii U games over the past few years. The latest Smash Bros. has a lot of new women on the roster (including Wendy O. Koopa, my spirit animal), Pikmin 3 has Brittany, Super Mario 3D World has Peach and Rosalina, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has Toadette, Bayonetta 2 has Bayo and Jeanne, the list goes on. Factor that in with the news that the next core Mario title may not happen until the Wii U's successor is ready to launch, and it's easier to imagine how an all-woman Mario spin-off title may be in our near future. 

Iconoclasts and Noitu Love creator Joakim "Konjak" Sandberg had a similar notion, though his vision is decidedly more Daisy focused. Inspired by Snakepixel's Wario Land reboot proposition from a little while back, Konjak has conceived of a game where Daisy dukes it out with"...sports gimmicks. Trick shots, hat tricks, dunks to unlock, boss fights that are about scoring points over the boss more than beating up on it, and so on. But much more action focus in general. I have more ideas, but I'm hungry."

Konjak and Snakepixel had a interesting exchange about the game on Twitter. Missing from the exchange is a question that Konjak posed to me in private -- what are Sarasaland equivalent of toads? My theory is that Princess Daisy rules over a kingdom of monsters who are forced to impersonate their ruler on a daily basis in order to feed her rampant narcissism. Defiance results in being banished to the wastelands, where Mario may murder you. That's just a guess though. We're currently awaiting comment from Nintendo regarding this matter. 

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