Speedrun marathon Summer Games Done Quick starts this weekend

The charity event runs July 3 – 9

Oh, heck yes! Not only is it a holiday weekend, but Summer Games Done Quick starts this Sunday. Be sure to get your fun in the sun out of the way so you can watch some of this 160-hour speedrunning-for-charity live stream. It has become one of my most cherished gaming traditions.

I think the Done Quick events have gotten enough love in our circles that most of you will have seen what they are about first-hand, but if not, I’d encourage you to periodically check the Twitch stream or seek out the archives on YouTube throughout the week. You’ll see remarkably skilled gamers tear apart some of your favorite games while explaining the tricks of the trade and just generally having fun.

What’s up first? Super Mario Sunshine. What a lovely, infuriating game.

Jordan Devore
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