Speculationtoid: Phoenix Wright anime in the works?

Over at the Gyakuten Meets Orchestra blog, it’s business as usual. The tickets for their September 23rd show will soon be released, but they’ve got something to say to those buying tickets.

“We have plans for this fall’s special courtroom.” They say. It’s a project called “New Gyaukuten Saiban NOT game.” The start of this project was several years ago, and they’ve had to deal with things here and there, but they’ll finally be able to announce it! Well, we have to wait until the concert to hear about it, just to tease us.

Oh, but next week there’s voice recording? And there’ll be a special illustration done next week? Hmm, all signs point to an anime in the works. The manga is already out and doing well, so I don’t see why an anime wouldn’t follow suit. Unless it’s going to be a J-drama all of a sudden, which I’d still jump for joy over.

[Thanks much, Scary Womanizing Pig Mask!]

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