Spectrobes trailer, featuring amazing translators

Based on this trailer, I’m surprisingly interested in the upcoming Spectrobes: Origins for Wii. When the first game released on DS, I had heard good things but wrote it off as another “catch ’em all” game that I simply wouldn’t have the time to invest in. Watching this one, with its two player co-op mechanics, makes me think it might be the perfect game to curl up on the couch with my woman for an hour or two every night.

You can check out the trailer which shows off some gameplay and some of the mini-game aspects after the jump. If the game doesn’t interest you, then you can at least be amused by the people they used to translate for the Japanese developers interviewed. They are pretty awful and range from being unreasonably exuberant to stiffer than Frankenstein’s gait, never managing to sound natural. Hilarious.

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