Spec Ops developer Yager announces new multiplayer shooter The Cycle

Live, Die, Repeat

Spec Ops: The Line developer Yager has announced a brand new, multiplayer-focused shooter called The Cycle. Exhibiting a sci-fi theme and taking place on the distant planet Fortuna III, the game will task 20 players with battling each other and the planet’s native lifeforms to find fortune and fame. In a move to get away from simply murdering each other, the game focuses on having players complete contracts within the span of an approximately 20-minute match so they can earn money to unlock better gear for future encounters.

According to the official website, the alpha build of the game will be launching within the next few weeks and will be available on Steam. Yager is wrapping up internal testing before setting the game loose. Currently, it will be a PC exclusive, but Yager isn’t ruling out bringing the shooter to consoles.

You can check out the teaser trailer below, though it doesn’t offer any kind of look at actual gameplay. According to the Twitter account for The Cycle, first-person is what the game will launch with and Yager may possibly add third-person at a later date.

The Cycle [Yager via YouTube]

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