Spark Unlimited’s new FPS, Legendary: The Box

 Spark Unlimited (Call of Duty: Finest Hour) have announced today that Gamecock Media Group will be publishing their new first-person shooter, Legendary: The Box.

An original IP, Legendary: The Box follows the story of art thief Charles Deckard, who is suckered into stealing Pandora’s Box. Like a complete moron, Deckard opens the box and releases hordes of mythical beasts once thought to be fiction, like werewolves and gryphons. Predictably, the creatures begin to tear the modern world to shreds, and a war between man and these creatures erupts. Deckard, responsible for the whole damned affair, is thrust into the role of the hero, responsible for saving civilization from streets ridden with gryphon dung.

Legendary: The Box sounds like it could be an exciting new direction for the genre, if only for the reason that it contains werevolves. The game hits PC and next-generation platforms next Spring.

Nick Chester