Space! 1TB PlayStation 4 filing spotted ahead of E3

Space is the place

Hey. How’s your PS4 doing? Is it fuller than a bender bladder? What with modern games and their 50GB sizes, it’s impossible to have the kind of instant, large library access that we once had. Delete. Re-install. Delete. Re-install.

Sony seems to be trying to mildly alleviate that by introducing a new, 1TB PlayStation 4 (up from the 500GB standard). It’s something, I guess.

DualShockers noticed the Sony filings with the Federal Communications Commission for two new models, which are likely incrementally improved (more space, more energy efficient) rather than any kind of redesign.

As far as spoiling E3 secrets, this isn’t a big one. Still, the whole “developers announce the game two to three weeks out then show more at E3” trend kind of takes the air out of the whole charade.

New PS4 Models CUH-12XXA and CUH-12XXB Certified by FCC: Include 1 Terabyte HDD Option [Dual Shockers]

Steven Hansen