Sony’s Yoshida bigs up a year of PS3 exclusives

While Microsoft continues to play its cards close to its chest (if indeed it has any cards), Sony has been nothing but forthcoming about 2009’s big PS3 hitters. Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has been boasting of the PlayStation 3’s upcoming library, touting 2009 as a year full of “big, exclusive PS3 titles.”

“Just to name a few, the year will start with the much anticipated launch of Killzone 2,” Yoshida boasts. “Followed by a fresh, new take on the superhero/anti-hero open sandbox genre inFamous, a mind-bending thriller Heavy Rain, a massive 256 player simultaneous online shooter MAG, an augmented reality, virtual pet in your room experience EyePet, and some more big titles that we have not even announced yet.”

Meanwhile, Sony UK’s David Reeves has been claiming that profit is the company’s ultimate goal this year, claiming that everything else will slot into place once some actual money is being made from the PS3. Good luck with that.

It’s true that the PlayStation 3 has a solid number of hard hitters looming ahead. Whether or not they will be enough to remove the stigma that the PlayStation 3 has earned for the past two years remains to be seen.

Jim Sterling