Sony’s Spider-Man PC port will have ray-tracing and an unlocked framerate

Spider-Man PC port

Coming August 12

Sony has provided new details for the Spider-Man PC port via a PC edition trailer, including confirmation of an unlocked framerate, among other goodies.

Set to arrive on August 12, it’ll feature a new graphical setting suite, including the aforementioned unlocked framerate, on top of ray-tracing for reflections and shadows, and ultra-wide monitor support.┬áHere’s the description straight from Sony:

“Enjoy a variety of graphics quality options to tailor to a wide range of devices, unlocked framerates, and support for other technologies including performance boosting NVIDIA DLSS and image quality enhancing NVIDIA DLAA.”

Beyond that there’s haptic feedback and DualSense controller support for wired USB users, as well as “full mouse and keyboard support” with customizable controls. You can get a look at all that in the trailer, embedded below.

Oh, and if you’re going this route, here are the pre-order bonuses for the Spider-Man PC port:

  • Iron Spider Suit
  • Velocity Suit
  • Spider-Punk Suit
  • “Early access” to the Spider-Drone Gadget
  • 5 skill points that you can use at the start of the game

Of course, mods are part of the package too! Thankfully you’ll have options, as it’ll be available on both Steam and Epic Games. Note, however, that all these upgrades come with a $60 price tag. The current market rate for a new copy of the game (Game of the Year Edition) on PS4 is around $30 physical, $20 digital.

Spider-Man PC port features trailer:

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