Sony’s selling Metal Gear Solid V Walkmans and they’re not cheap

Also phones and tablets

Sony is producing various Phantom Pain-branded electronics to coincide with the release of Metal Gear Solid V.

The tie-in release includes a Metal Gear version of Sony’s premier Walkman, the ZX2, which costs something like $1,128. Holy shit. The high-end device is meant for audiophiles, naturally, and costs that much irrespective of Metal Gear branding, though the branded one comes with wallpapers, songs, the title written on the front, and an Outer Heaven leather case.

Previously, Konami and Sony put out a Walkman for Peace Walker.

The more reasonable NW-A16 Walkman ($228) has the Outer Heaven logo emblazoned on the back. There’s also the special-cased Xperia Z4 and Z3 Compact tablets, as well as the J1 Compact phone.

For my money, the latter’s the best-looking in the bunch. And I am in need of a new smart phone. And I will be going to Japan, where these things are sold, in September for Tokyo Game Show (provided they don’t sell out). But, nah, probably shouldn’t drop near $500 on an Xperia phone. No phone really stands out in the current crop, though, partly because I’d stubbornly like to not have an iPhone or Galaxy (but this three year old HTC One X is starting to grate).

Steven Hansen