Sony’s insane marketing department strikes again: Absurd PS3 ad targets women

We ought to run a feature on Destructoid called “guess what the Sony advert is trying to f*cking say.” We could also take bets on which class-A drug was being ingested while said advert was conceived.

Anyway, this latest in a long line of twisted brainwrongs seems to be aimed at women, although what it’s trying to tell them is anybody’s guess. Sony may be attempting to suggest that inside every fat man is a thin woman. I’ve tried using a system of mirrors to look down my throat and verify this, but so far the rumors are unconfirmed.

Our very own Niero believes that Sony is saying it’s okay for women to play online via PSN because everyone simply assumes you’re a fat I.T guy by default. Or perhaps it’s not targeting women at all, but telling men that it’s okay if they want to wear skimpy vests and pretend to be a woman — but you must do it in the desert because then it’s just between you and the tumbleweed. 

I can tell you one thing it’s NOT saying though — “buy a PlayStation 3.” 

[Found on RedRabbit’s CBlog]

James Stephanie Sterling