Sony would ‘never outspend’ Microsoft’s Kinect marketing

Sony seems to be happy to let PlayStation Move look after itself. Yesterday we mentioned how the company isn’t expecting a ton of pre-orders for the glow-in-the-dark dildo, and today the publisher has stated how it won’t be outspending Microsoft in the marketing department. 

“Our perspective has become much more bullish as we get closer to launch,” says mouthpiece Peter Dille. “We’ve had a chance to get people playing our system … The feedback we’ve gotten has been unanimous and tremendous. It’s, ‘I see what you mean about this precision thing.’ Our pre-orders continually are ramping up with consumers, retailers want to get more product.

“… I don’t think we’ll ever outspend Microsoft.”

Sony doesn’t need to outspend Microsoft, either. PlayStation Move looks like a product that works, a product that people might want. Kinect has had to rely on idiotic marketing gimmicks and Justin Bieber, which kind of highlights how desperate the company is with a product that doesn’t seem to be that appealing. 

Microsoft might shift a good few boxes of Kinect, but it will definitely have needed the celebrity endorsements in order to do so. 

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James Stephanie Sterling