Sony: ‘The PSP has life left in it yet’

I’m not one that needs convincing. I am always playing new PSP games. Regardless of the number of releases or sales data, there’s still this odd air around Sony’s first portable. People like to dump on it. I don’t care. I’m done being the PSP’s champion. I’ll just continue quietly playing all my beloved portables while the internet bickers endlessly.

The PSP’s worth comes into question again with the new rumors of a successor going around lately. We’re hearing this new one has touch controls on the back of the system. Ugh. Whatever.

Sony is out doing damage control on these rumors with a statement with PSUK’s Michael Denny:

“We don’t have anything to announce and nor are we giving anything away if we say we’re always looking at the future as well,“ he told “For now, we’re still concentrating on the PSP as a very attractive proposition.”

He’s trying to blind your eyes from a shiny new touchscreen thingy that they may or may not be showing off/working on. He continues: “It’s natural that in the lifecycle of a platform as the cost comes down they do skew younger and we’re having a lot of success with the more child-friendly products on the PSP and it’s certainly a great proposition to buy in on, and the PSP has life left in it yet.”

GamesIndustry also had Ubisoft chime in on the PSP. They say that they’re happy with sales. “Assassin’s Creed did very well, Avatar did very well, Prince of Persia is doing good,” said Ubi’s Alain Corre.

Of course, Sony’s not going to tell you to give up on a current product and wait for the next one.

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