Sony: PSP has gotten a bit old

After six years and four different iterations, Sony has admitted that its PlayStation Portable system has begun to get a little stale. Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida refused to confirm the arrival of the PSP2, but did confess that his firm is looking at new tech. 

“Yeah, there’s no denying that — it’s about six years since the launch of the PlayStation Portable,” says Yoshida. “When we launched PSP it was the newest, biggest, brightest thing that we had – and after five or six years, and releasing many games, there’s no denying that people start to see that it’s getting a bit old.

“… In terms of looking at new technology, it’s always the case that as soon as we look at a new platform or new tech, our R&D teams start looking at what’s new in the general space. So yes, we have been looking at new technologies, and looking at the options that we have. It’s not the right time for me to say anything about it.”

The last we heard, Warner Bros. Mortal Kombat team actually has a PSP2 in its possession. The imminent announcement of a successor sequel looks more like a done deal with each new “rumor” that pops up, and I’m shocked Sony didn’t use TGS for the announcement. I guess there are still a few idiots left to sell a PSPgo to?

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida []

Jim Sterling