Sony opens first-party VR-focused studio, names it after Kanye’s baby

Probably, I think

Sony’s sure taking virtual reality seriously. It wasn’t long ago that we weren’t completely positive if Project Morpheus was meant for a retail release, or if it were just a research and development project to show off emerging trends. Now, we know that the PS4 VR headset is definitely coming out, and it’ll happen sometime in early(ish) 2016.

Judging by some recent job listings, it seems as if Sony’s also intent on creating its own games for this platform, rather than let third-parties do all the work. Sony’s opened up North West Studio in the UK, the name likely being an homage to the daughter of the great Kanye West, a genius and voice of a generation.

It appears as though Sony’s putting together a small team, but one that’ll probably have a lot of influence over some of the earliest Morpheus titles. Anyone who fits the bill and is okay with living in England should apply and give the world the Kanye West first-person simulator we’ve always needed, or other games that aren’t as good.

Vacancies in North West [PlayStation Jobs]

Brett Makedonski
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