Sony: Kinect will ‘hit a wall’

Kinect, by all accounts, is kicking PlayStation Move’s puckered arsehole up and down the street, but Sony isn’t phased, at least not publicly. In fact, the PS3 platform holder believes Microsoft will eventually bump its head on the glass ceiling and won’t be able to take Kinect very far. 

“… There are limitations around a camera-only solution. It does work well and lend itself to certain genres, but you do tend to hit a bit of a wall when trying to support it with the broadest range of content available,” says SCEE chief Andrew House. “That’s not the sort of problem we have with Move. Consumers have understood Move is something that could impact a wide range of games. This is opposed to what I think may dog the competition to a degree, which is basing it solidly around just a family experience – and one that is harder to adapt into traditional game genres.”

“We’ve got a whole range of experiences that serve the broadest audience and that is a far better long-term bet … It really will be content that defines it.”

Move is far more appealing to me than Kinect, and I agree that Microsoft’s gadget seems to be quite restrictive. That said, Sony’s outwardly complacent “tortoise and hare” approach has not been working. It released Move without hype, assuming that the PlayStation brand would be enough to sell. Apparently it didn’t learn any lessons from the PS3 launch. And this is why Kinect is winning. 

House: Camera-only gaming is limited [MCV]

Jim Sterling