Sony is giving out PS4 themes and a real-life platinum trophy

The 2020 PlayStation Player Celebration

Sony wants us to play more games and earn more trophies in 2020 with an initiative it’s calling the PlayStation Player Celebration. In exchange for hitting collective milestones – 125K games played and 500K trophies earned, to start players will unlock exclusive PS4 themes and avatars. There’s also a chance to win one of those ridiculous real-life platinum trophies that Sony has given out in the past.

Before you start any marathon sessions, there are a few dates and caveats to keep in mind.

As of February 18, you can register your PSN ID to participate in the PlayStation Player Celebration. Then, on February 24, the first community goal will open up. That’s when you can contribute.

Goal One

Goal Two

Goal Three

Here’s the fine print on what qualifies: “Every individual game you play for at least one hour (across as many sessions as you like) counts towards the goal,” and “every trophy you earn in any game you play is counted – and multiplayer game trophies count as double (up to a limit of six trophies per day).”

As for the engraved platinum trophy, it’s not so easy. You’ll need to show up on this website on March 17 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific and be one of the first two people to correctly answer a question. The prize package includes the trinket, a hundred-dollar PlayStation Store voucher, and several game codes.

The only thing holding back the collaborative goals is raising enough awareness for folks to register in the first place, but I’m sure all three milestones will be met all the same. People like trophy hunting.

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