Sony celebrates PlayStation’s 15-year anniversary

Today marks the fifteenth anniversary of the original PlayStation’s launch in North America. The little grey system was an absolute phenomenon when it launched in 1995, arguably the first system to take a step toward making games socially acceptable and cool in mainstream eyes. Plus of course, it was the precursor to the PS2, scientifically deemed the greatest console ever.

“PlayStation has sold over 377 million hardware consoles across its product portfolio since 1995 and more than 2 billion software units around the world,” boasts Sony. “In the U.S. alone the company has generated over $63 billion in revenue—the equivalent to 40% of the overall video game market share in the U.S to date.”

To celebrate the anniversary, Sony has put together a number of freebies and deals, which you can get your filthy mitts on:

  • Free PS3 and PSP downloadable static themes
  • Weekly discounts on select PSOne Classics, found on the 15th anniversary store page
  • 50% sale on Super Rub A Dub
  • A PlayStation console ornament for PlayStation Home

Happy birthday, PlayStation!

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