Sony boasts 5.7 million PS4 units sold this holiday, total tops 35.9 million

‘Holiday’ is 11/23/2015 to 1/3/2016

Microsoft recently boasted about its holiday sales numbers, and now, it’s Sony’s turn. Sony is reporting that during this holiday season (late November to early January), it sold more than 5.7 million PS4s. Right now, overall sales are at 35.9 million — a figure that Microsoft has ceased to even share.

Sony also notes that software sales were high, and totaled over 35 million units on Sony platforms during the aforementioned holiday period. Additionally, “60% more users” subscribed to PlayStation Plus when compared to the last holiday season.

Well, Sony is certainly sitting high this generation after fumbling the PS3. It’s a shame, because the Xbox One is such a good console in its current iteration, that this blowout likely could have been avoided if Microsoft hadn’t utterly shat the bed with its DRM strategy. It still kills me that Sony put out this stupid “game sharing” video to mock Microsoft, and it can’t even do true backward compatibility this generation.

Chris Carter
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