Sony announces Hot Shot Tennis for North American release

This morning, Sony announced that it will be bringing Hot Shots Tennis to the PlayStation 2. Developed by Clap Hanz (the same folks responsible for the once king, now on life support Hot Shots Golf series), the game will feature all of the off-the-wall characters and locations that you’d expect from the Hot Shots series.

Recently released in Europe as Everybody’s Tennis (and last year in Japan as Mina No Tennis), the game has met with so-so reviews and mixed reactions from fans. Whether or not the game will be tweaked or changed for the North American market is unknown, but SCEA has had a history of localizing certain aspects of the Hot Shots games (like characters and locations) so that they connect better with the audience.

The game hits shelves later this year and will only cost $29.99. Personally, I’m going to save my $29.99 and put it in a high yield savings account so that one day I can afford to buy a robotic gorilla. Still, if you’re looking for fast-paced, easy to play tennis action along the lines of Clap Hanz golf games, you might not be able to go wrong with Hot Shots Tennis.

New Tennis Game Brings Signature Hot Shots Fun With Off-the-Wall Characters, Court Locales, and Pure Tennis Gameplay

FOSTER CITY, Calif., April 24 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Computer Entertainment America announced today the July 2007 launch of Hot Shots Tennis available exclusively for the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system. Developed by Clap Hanz, Hot Shots Tennis brings the beloved, multi-million unit selling Hot Shots franchise to the tennis world for the first time. With a host of wacky characters and tennis styles, exotic court locations, and game modes, Hot Shots Tennis offers pick up and play action for tennis fans of all ages.

Available at $29.99, Hot Shots Tennis delivers entertainment value with fast-paced, colorful gameplay that fans of the Hot Shots franchise have grown to love. Incorporating an ideal blend of arcade-style action and in-depth strategy, Hot Shots Tennis includes a deep feature set allowing players to practice a variety of strokes, enter challenge modes, and play singles or doubles with up to four players. With 14 unique playable characters and five umpires available in the game, there is never a shortage of distinct tennis skills or personality on the court. Players can also enjoy a variety of court surfaces such as hardcourt, clay, and grass, set amongst 11 spectacular locations including tropical beaches and ancient ruins.

“Hot Shots Tennis draws from Clap Hanz’s success with the Hot Shots franchise by providing a social gaming experience that will appeal to casual players and tennis gaming fans alike,” said Jeff Reese, Director, Software Marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. “Whether it’s playinghead-to-head or in a four-player doubles match with family and friends, this is a game that PlayStation 2 fans of all ages can enjoy.”

Hot Shots Tennis features brilliant visuals and fast-paced gameplay that showcases its detailed animations and realistic physics. The game incorporates an intuitive control scheme to emphasize shot direction and rallies, perfect for quick pick up and play action. Advanced players can utilize button timing and shot angles to further balance tennis strategy with character attributes such as speed and play styles (net player vs. baseline player). Players can quickly test their skills through a quick play mode to take on the game’s Artificial Intelligence, play head to head singles and doubles, or even engage in four-player doubles competition. A Challenge Mode allows players to advance through seven player classes to unlock new characters, costumes, umpires, and courts. Additionally, a Training Mode is available to practice shot timing and angles for ground strokes, serves, volleys, and overhead smashes.

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