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Sons of the Forest: All achievements and how to get them

Not without a challenge

Sons of the Forest, Endpoint Games’ cannibal island survival sequel to The Forest, gets its full launch on February 21 and as with most Steam games, it comes with a long list of achievements to tackle while you survive.

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For those who have been playing the game during its year-long early access period, a lot of these achievements will be fairly familiar, but even those who would now consider themselves experts in the game can have a hard time reaching some of the newer milestones.

Whether you’re getting ready to start your Sons of the Forest experience, or you’ve been playing for a while, here’s how to get all of the Steam achievements for the game. 

Basic Sons of the Forest achievements

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These achievements are very straightforward. They’re gained through doing something specific, and there’s no additional information needed in order to get them, so you should be able to gain these achievements fairly easily by simply playing the game.

Achievement nameHow to get
SurvivorSurvive day one
What could go wrong?Survive day 10
This place isn’t so badSurvive day 25
Never going homeSurvive day 50
TradesmanBuild a structure with over 50 logs
ContractorBuild a structure with over 100 logs
ArchitectBuild a structure with over 500 logs
City plannerBuild a structure with over 1000 logs
BadgerDig 100 holes using the Shovel
I like blistersDig 1000 holes using the Shovel
This can’t be healthyDrink 50 cans of Fi-Z (Energy Drink)
I dream of SushiEat 20 raw fish
CollectorPick up 50 Droque watches
1% Collect $1000
DynamoWear a full set of Tech Armor
Chivalry is not deadReach maximum sentiment with Virginia
Every move you makeGive Virginia a GPS locator
TrustedBecome an admin in a multiplayer game
Need a bigger boatGet killed by a Shark
PinataBlow up a Sluggy
Sucker for punishmentGet kicked by a heavy cannibal 5 times
Keep your friends closeComplete the story with all Kelvin and Virginia alive
Fight DemonsChoose to stay on the island at the end of the game
Fought DemonsChoose to leave the island at the end of the game

Achievements with additional requirements

The gear kit as it's all laid out in Sons of the Forest
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Fashionista requires the player to find all of the hidden items of clothing found throughout the bunkers and caves on the island. To do this, you’ll need to get your hands on all of the key cards, as they’ll give you access to where a lot of these outfits are hidden. While most of these outfits can be worn by the player, some are specifically for Virginia. 

Here’s the full list of outfits you’ll need to find to get the Fashionista achievement:

  • Tactical Jacket
  • Blazer
  • Leather Jacket
  • Tuxedo
  • Wet Suit
  • Pajamas
  • Winter Jacket
  • Hoodie
  • Priest Outfit
  • Space Suit
  • Swimsuit (Virginia only)
  • Track Suit (Virginia only)
  • Dress (Virginia only)
  • Camouflage Suit (Virginia only)
  • Leather Suit (Virginia only)


In the bunkers scattered across the island, you’ll find 3D Printers which can be used to print various items that can be useful to survival. In order to print these items, you’ll need Printer Resin, which can be found all over the island.

Here’s what you’ll need to print to get the Maker achievement:

  • Mask
  • Flask
  • Grappling Hooks
  • Tech Mesh
  • Arrows
  • Sled

MC Crafty

While there are a number of high damage weapons, such as Guns, a Crossbow, and even a Katana, scattered around the island to find and use, to begin with you’ll need to craft your own weapons to survive the first few days. 

You’ll need to craft one of each of the following to get the MC Crafty achievement:

  • Torch
  • Crafted Bow
  • Crafted Club
  • Crafted Spear
  • Repair Tool
  • Molotov


There are a lot of foods available on the islands and not all of them seem edible (anyone for some cooked human leg?), but you’ll have to munch your way through every single one of them in order to get this achievement. This is a very long list, so I’ll break it into types to help you work your way through them. 

Food typeFoods
Guarana Berries
Devil’s Club
Aloe Vera
Fly Amanita
Hydnum Repandum
King Oyster
Health Mix
Health Mix +
Energy Mix
Energy Mix +
Animals and meatFish
Turtle Egg
Human Leg
Human Arm
Processed foodsEnergy Drink
Energy Bar
MRE Pack
Cat Food (Canned food)
Crunchie Wunchies
Ramen Noodles
Bacon Bite
Brain Bite
Steak Bite

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