Sonic’s next adventure takes him to Piggy Island

NOT some messed up erotic fan-fic

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Something has happened to Sonic. It’s been happening for years. Sonic is a weird porn figure, the subject of countless adolescent Deviantart drawings and erotic fan-fics by kids still figuring themselves out.

Also, us, when we celebrated Sonic’s 23rd birthday last year with some drawings and erotic fan-fic.

Point is, I couldn’t help but imagining something gross and sexual when I read about Sonic popping up on Piggy Island, but it turns out it’s just a harmless, soulless Angry Birds Epic (haha, angry bards) crossover. Actually might be more gross than someone’s weird, but innocent expressions of sexuality.

Well, nothing to see here, so please enjoy Stewart Lee’s jungle canyon rope bridges bit because that’s where my mind went next and it’s great.

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