Sonic the Hedgehog on the Playstation 3
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The british official xbox magazine

has published some interesting new details about Sonic the Hedgehog. The first epic lines alone will bring tears to your eyes:”It’s been fifteen years since Sega’s world-famous mascot arrived in a blur of blue. Fifteen years of sequels, new characters, spin-offs and reinterpretations that have added more to Sonic’s world yet also watered down the appeal of the simple high-speed concept. Well that’s all history now – new Sonic The Hedgehog is dumping all the unnecessary innovations and taking the series back to Year Zero. There are no gimmicky team options here or bizarre explorations, just Sonic. Running fast.” Here are the most important statements:- The article has some details about the new character Silver the Hedgehog, who comes from the future to show his cool telekinetic powers. “Silver is a master of magnetism, able to manipulate the scenery and enemies with his mind, conveniently adding a layer of action to the speed play.” Sounds pretty much like a mixture of Xavier and Magneto doesn’t it?!

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– You will play Sonic and Silver in two seperate worlds which will be special adjusted for their powers. “Silver’s levels, like the Chaos City one shown here, are busier, urban, human worlds full of things for him to break, bend and throw. Sonic keeps it all on a fantasy level, with his first outing being the typically beautiful Kingdom Valley.”- There are also some neat details about the camera of Sonic.”When Sonic gets up to full speed the camera viewpoint pulls back, giving you a wider view of the action, more time to react and making everything appear to flash by faster still. This is Sonic as is was meant to be – simple, fast and pretty to look at.”

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– Last but not least. One of the main changes is the fact that the game is set in the human world (Soleana), the developer want the characters and the whole graphic-design looks less like cartoons and more grown-up. Furthermore they will integrate as many sounds from the Sonic-games of the last 15 years as possible to make the whole thingy a little retro.Conclusion:Looks like a hell of fun and seems to be worth waiting. 😀Sonic the Hedgehog article

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