Sonic Prime will hit Netflix on December 15

Sonic Prime Netflix

It’ll still hit that holiday timeline

Remember that Sonic Prime Netflix TV show project? Well, it’s right around the corner, as we finally have the release date thanks to an IGN announcement. It’ll debut on December 15, 2022, which lines up with a prior report from a producer for the game series, who likely let the release window slip.

Further tweets showed off character posters for the Sonic Prime Netflix show, which include:

  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Knuckles
  • Amy
  • Eggman
  • Big the Cat (and Froggy)
  • Shadow
  • Rouge

As someone on Twitter pointed out, the Sonic/main poster actually showcases a weird take on Amy: a potential multiversal roboticized version (just take a look at the crystal shard on Sonic’s head). It’s been a lonely time on the Sonic TV front, as the mostly well-received and canceled-too-soon-after-it-found-its-footing Sonic Boom has been gone for years now. Hopefully Prime will not only deliver, but keep going for more than a season.

Through good and bad adaptations, it’s weird to me whenever there isn’t a Sonic TV show of some sort around. As with anything with this series, in any medium, it really could go either way. I dig these character posters, but so far the footage hasn’t really convinced me.

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