Sega may have leaked a November 8 release date for Sonic Frontiers (Update)

Sonic Frontiers release date

Maybe we’ll get confirmation today at Gamescom?

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[Update: Yep! Gamescom did in fact give us a Sonic Frontiers release date, and reconfirmed the November 8 timeline in the official trailer below.]

After months of wondering, we might have a Sonic Frontiers release date finally — thanks to an ad from Sega, no less!

Spotted by Twitter user Nibel, a new YouTube ad for Sonic Frontiers just went live, and was promptly taken down. At the very end of it: a release date! November 8, 2022 could be when we’ll finally see what Sonic Frontiers is made of.

This is very likely an early trigger-pull on a Gamescom announcement. The Gamescom Opening Night Live ceremony is today, and a Sonic Frontiers showing was already confirmed. It’s a safe bet that we could see this same date confirmation today.

As for the Sonic Frontiers release date itself, it’s going to be a busy month! Harvestella is due right before it, Skull and Bones is out on the same day, and God of War Ragnarok is debuting the day after. Just 10 days later, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will arrive. It’s February 2022 all over again!

That said, with the universal appeal of Sonic, it should be able to push through a lot of the immediate competition as counter-programming of sorts. The release of Sonic Prime, the upcoming Netflix show, could help put everyone in a general state of Sonic fever as well. A leak from a Sonic movie producer hints at a possible December release.

Sonic Frontiers release date and story trailer:

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