Here’s what the new Sonic Prime Netflix series might look like

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I’m into it

Having made my way through the really fun Sonic Boom TV series recently with my daughter, I found myself wanting more Sonic shows to watch. There really isn’t a lot out there! Thankfully Netflix is brewing up Sonic Prime, set to release sometime in 2022: but we haven’t seen like, anything for it so far. That changed this week after a bunch of concept art found its way onto the internet.

So the art was spotted via Patrick Horan, who works on the art for the series, via Art Station. Well, it was! It was taken down, but now lives on via tweets, like this one from Sonic site Tails’ Channel:

Beyond the shoes and the Fortnite dance, I’m into it! The art gives us multiple teases of the multiverse angle (which both Marvel and DC are seemingly headed into), including a potential look at cave-person Amy, and a future where Eggman might be in charge and Tails has nine tails. As always, concept art doesn’t have to match up with the finished product, so we may never see all of these storylines.

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