Sonic Frontiers has a demo now on Switch, if you’re curious about it

It is a step up from many other 3D Sonic games (low bar, I know)

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Sonic Frontiers seems to be doing well for a 3D Sonic game, both in terms of the critical and commercial reception. Many folks (myself included) agree that while there are technical issues that still need to be squashed, it does have a lot of good qualities, and is a great bar for the next iteration of an open world Sonic formula. For many, that’s not going to be worth a sight unseen full MSRP price tag: but both of those deals have been altered a bit, in a good way!

As of this week, Sega surprise-dropped a Sonic Frontiers demo, which you can find either on the eShop on your actual Switch, or through the official listing here (just look for the “download demo” text below the main title). Perhaps not coincidentally, Sonic Frontiers is on sale now for $41.99 on the eShop (down from $59.99), so you can pick it up for a bit cheaper than at launch if you do dig it. Note that the sale does end on January 15 at 11:59PM PT, so you have some time to decide.

As we wait for a brand new iteration/Sonic Frontiers sequel, 2023 is looking bright for the game, as a huge roadmap was recently unveiled. More quality of life mechanics, challenges, characters, and even story content is all on the way.

Download the Sonic Frontiers Switch demo here

Just in case you missed it, there you go! The demo clocks in at 3.1GB.

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