Sonic Frontiers is getting new playable characters, story, and more in 2023

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There’s more headed to the Frontiers

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Sega has outlined the 2023 content road map ahead for Sonic Frontiers. New playable characters, a photo mode, challenges, and more are all in store for Sonic Frontiers in 2023.

The DLC roadmap was laid out today on the Sonic social accounts. Three big updates are planned for 2023, and they’re set to be free for all Sonic Frontiers owners. The content and names of said content are subject to change, Sega notes.

Update 1 will consist of a juke box for all those excellent tunes, as well as a photo mode. So yes, you’ll be able to take some Sonic Selfies. Those two pieces are joined by new challenge modes to tackle, which may include the golden Super Sonic.

Sonic frontiers roadmap

In Update 2, it’s Sonic’s birthday! Plus, an Open Zone Challenge and new Koco. I am definitely curious to see what a Sonic birthday party looks like.

Then, the heavy hitters arrive in Update 3. Playable characters and new story are both due out in Update 3, and it looks like a doozy. We have a teaser of the Frontiers villain, as well as portraits for Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. The implication seems to be that the Sonic crew will be playable in some way, but we’ll doubtless learn more in the new year.

Now it’s a party

How those different characters, who often have pretty distinct playstyles from Sonic, will fit into the world of Sonic Frontiers will be interesting to see if that’s how it pans out. Knuckles and Amy can definitely handle some combat, and flying around as Tails in a big, open space could be fun.

We’ll find out more of what’s in store as we get closer to the launch of these new updates. In the meantime, Sonic Frontiers is still a fairly fresh game, so this might be the sign for holdouts to try it out if they want to check out all the extra content later.

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