The Sonic Frontiers TGS trailer gives us a close-up of Super Sonic

Sonic Frontiers Super Sonic

It features the recently-revealed ending theme

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The Sonic Frontiers Super Sonic trailer is here, thanks to a new clip Sega is sharing to celebrate the week of TGS (Tokyo Game Show).

It’s a shortish little clip, giving us a little more background on the Starfall Islands, the locales therein, and some gameplay. At the end, we get a front-and-center look at the emeralds and the iconic Super Sonic power. “Harnessing the power of the emeralds” is a big part of the storyline this time around. As Sega puts it, “The Starfall Islands are home to strange and menacing foes that Sonic has never encountered before. Using an all-new battle system, join Sonic in confronting these titanic threats with upgraded combat skills, evasive maneuvers, and a few familiar tricks up his sleeve. Jump into adventure, harness the power of the Emeralds, and fight to stop these new, mysterious enemies!”

As you might have surmised, the trailer showcases the ending theme for the game once again: “Vandalize” from ONE OK ROCK. So far it seems to be getting more praise than the main theme, “I’m Here,” from Merry Kirk-Holmes of To Octavia. If I had to compare the two, I would be OK (ha) with cementing Vandalize as the main theme.

So far, Sonic Frontiers is ticking more boxes the more time goes on. Now I don’t want to sink into the Sonic Cycle and instill too much hope! But the Cyber Space level showing really hit home for me, and there was only one way they could have gone since the shaky initial showing of the game: up.

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