The Sonic Frontiers main theme brings back memories of playing Sonic in the 2000s

Sonic Frontiers main theme

It fits

The Sonic Frontiers main theme is out, and like its title, it makes a statement: “I’m Here.” Ahead of launch we’ve gotten a look at the ending song, and now it’s the main theme’s time to shine.

Tomoya Ohtani, composer for the series, stepped in on Twitter to intro the song and gave the following context for it: “Finally we have released the main theme for the game! How did it make you feel? The Arrangement manages to showcase the multiple emotions of Sonic Frontiers.”

“Emotions” is definitely a vibe the team has been going for since Sonic Adventure, and this song hearkens back to the bygone era of the late ’90s/early aughts. It’s hard to believe this new era of 3D Sonic basically started in 1999, and it’s still carrying on today.

As for the song, I think it fits. It’s not my favorite (I’m way more into the Frontiers ending song, and more into ONE OK ROCK in general), but if the team was going for an old school vibe, I think they accomplished that goal. You can listen to it yourself below and make your own call.

In case you’re curious, Sega has provided the full personnel list for the Sonic Frontiers main theme song:

  • Vocals & Lyrics by Merry Kirk-Holmes (To Octavia)
  • Composed & Arranged by Tomoya Ohtani
  • Strings Arranged by Takahito Eguchi
  • Guitars & Programming by MEG
  • Strings by Muroya Strings

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