Sonic Frontiers: M-068 Puzzle Solution Guide

Sonic Frontiers M-068 Puzzle Solution Guide 1

It’s time for a change of pace: Chaos Island

Before you tackle puzzle M-068 in Sonic Frontiers, which is getting down to the wire near the end, you’ll need to reach Chaos Island.

This is actually the third major island in the game, after Kronos and Ares. While it’s spread out, it’s actually really easy to get around: here’s how to find and solve puzzle M-068.

Sonic Frontiers M-068 Puzzle Solution Guide 2

Locating the Sonic Frontiers M-068 puzzle

Puzzle M-068 can be found in the northern part of the main land mass of Chaos Island.

From the starting area, you just need to head west, then loop around to the north to locate the puzzle. It’s very easy to get to, and just requires a bit of mountain climbing.

Solving the Sonic Frontiers M-068 puzzle

It’s another lights out logic puzzle!

As we’ve said again and again, there are multiple solutions for many of these types of logic puzzles, but you can find an easy one in the gallery right above. If you want to solve the next few on your own, you can remember a trick: locate tiles that require one specific direction to enter (like the one in the top-left corner). Those are the tiles that have less give in terms of freedom of movement; so you’ll want to do those a specific way, or save them for last.

Once you step on the last lit up tile, the puzzle will pop!

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